Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Clivia in Bloom

      My Clivia miniata is now in full bloom, and oh what a sight with the afternoon sun poring into the kitchen.  The clivia has been a good and faithful friend for many years now, and many of her offspring have found other good homes.  A more undemanding house plant is hard to find.

      One reason I have not posted recently is that I have not been able to load my pictures to a post.  Have spent hours trying to figure out what was wrong.  I finally found someone else's blog where they had the same problem.  A comment suggested using Google Chrome as the browser while doing a post.  Yes it works, thumbs down to Google for disabling Firefox.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Too Much Like Work

      Wow!  This is totally too much like work.  Someone at the park is hand turning their entire plot.  Or they are trying at least until they drop.  If they marked out beds versus walks, they would only do maybe 60% of the work.  Or they could cover the beds with shredded leaves, and let the worms do the work.

And they have just started

      Here is one of my beds.  Never been tilled.  Leaf mulch and other organics applied on top.  Volunteer worms greatly appreciated.  Wood chips are added to the paths as needed.  Every couple of years the chips are raked away and the two inches of great black soil created underneath is shoveled off to beds.  Then the chips are put back down.
      No till.  Little toil.  Works great for me.  For more on No Till and Wood Chips, please see: