Saturday, November 30, 2013

Frost on the Cold Frame

      Three of the grand kids spent the night.  Had to bundle them up early to show them the frost art before the sun melts it off the glass.

Frost art, November 30th,  2013
Reverse direction

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Picking in the Freezing Rain

      Tis Thanksgiving Eve, and a fresh salad is on the menu for tomorrow.  So although it is spitting frozen rain outside, I need to pick greens now rather than face freezing the greens by picking them in the colder morning temperatures.  My fingers are still cold and stiff because gloves are too cumbersome for picking greens.

Cold Frame, November 27th, 2013
      This is the salad cold frame over at the park.  The two wooden beams are to help hold down the glass against the wind.  I have been pleasantly surprised that the wind across the park seems to flow right over the frames without pulling off the unattached glass panels.  A deep snow breaking single pane glass is a far different story.  With disappointing results.

      Here is the cold frame with the glass covers off.  One morning so far was down to 18 degrees, and another to 19 degrees.  Froze a lot of veggies, but not the covered lettuce.  Even the collards those mornings looked really stressed and limp.  After this noreaster and at least three inches of rain, the cold hardy crops have perked up quite a bit.  Including this patch of ice encrusted kale that is going to be partially harvested for dinner tonight.

      The greens after washing and then spinning in their high tech pillow case spinner.  Neighbors wonder we we are doing twirling pillow cases on the deck.  Filled the gallon bag beautifully to transport to the Turkey Day feast.

Beautiful curly kale crop, November 27th, 2013

Saute with oil, garlic and onion, simply scrumptious

Friday, November 8, 2013

Last of the Podded Peas?

      We have already had three frosts, with tender things like beans and squash turning to mush.  I was surprised to see both snow peas and podded peas suffering from the frost.  Thought they were okay with the cold.  Maybe as seeds and small plants.  Although some of the plants have died and been pulled, I did save the fuller pods to see if the peas were still edible.  See for yourself:

Shelled Peas,  November 8th,  2013

      Preparation instructions: Shell peas, admire their beauty.  Open mouth, insert some raw peas.  Simply scrumptious.  Or sprinkle raw on a salad or raw on a stir fry.

      These two peas and a few others were trying to get the jump on next year's garden.  Alas, the winter would get them.  I am going to pot up these and similar peas on the porch.  Not to try to save for next year, but to eat the tender young pea shoots and sprouts on a salad.