Friday, April 11, 2014

Paper Towel Germination

      With the long miserable winter having dampened my usual seeding frenzy, I am behind in starting my veggies.  So to get started as quickly as possible, and to be able to monitor the progress, I started seeds on Wednesday and Thursday using the damp paper towel method.

      The paper towels are the ones that are about 2/3 full size, then cut in half. Seeds are put on that half sheet, which is then folded over two times, and dampened.  The paper towel and some sort of identification then go into the little snack baggies.  That should provide enough moisture for germination.  In just two days, I have my first rooting activity in my own seed saved of Golden Treasure Peppers!  And treasures they are. I am so glad that variety chose to be the first out of the gate.
  Started 4/9/2014:
   Malabar Spinach from my own 2013 seed
   Peppers:  Cubanelle, Golden Treasure, Poblano, and Sweet Banana
   Tomatoes:  Black Krim, Bloody Butcher, Brandywine Pink, Cherokee Purple,
        Chocolate Cherry, Glacier, Dr. Wyche, Jubilee, Ox Heart, Rutgers, and
        Sungold Cherry

Started 4/10/2014:
   Flowers:   Cardinal Vine and Spanish Flag - both from my own seed and both to
          attract Hummingbirds
   Peppers:   Green Bell, California Wonder mixed, Cayenne, Chuska, Golden
         California Wonder, and Jalapeno
   Squash family:  Buttercup, Butternut, Cucumber Poinsett, Delicata, Luffa Gourd,
         Marina Di Chioggia, Mesa Acorn, and Swan Gourd
   Tomatoes:  Big Red, Early Girl, German Johnson, and Marglobe

      The seeds planted were about 10 to 12 per paper towel, yet I only want about two plants from each variety mentioned.  I expect to get what I need, and certainly hope to have extras of lots of things.  Let me know of any interest and stuff to trade.
      These towels were planted from seeds on hand, some dating back to as far as 2009.  The paper towel method allows to see what germinates without wasting time to try to set out dozens of six packs.  What I am missing from my current seed stock and need to correct is seed for cucumbers, zucchini, and yellow squash.
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