Friday, November 11, 2011

Gardening in Wood Chips

      I have written about using wood chips in the garden in several of my earlier posts.  The chips keep down weeds, prevent working in mud, and in my opinion, look good in garden paths.  But people want proof that it works, so here we go.

Radishes in wood chip path, 11/10/11
      Clumsy old me, fell over as I was kneeling to plant seeds back in September.  Knocked over the seed packet I was holding, right into the path of wood chips.  No big deal, can't pick em up.  So lo and behold, turns out it was the radishes I knocked over, and not only did they sprout, they prospered!  Look certainly as good as the intended radishes next to them in the bed.

Beautiful white radishes

Lookie what I found
      Not only were they beautiful, but scrumptious as well. I cut off the roots, need to wipe the radishes off..... where's my rag?  Pants will work.  Shh, don't tell my wife.  Ate them right there, holding on by the stems.  They were not technically French Breakfast Radishes, but it was only 8:30 AM.  Yummy.  And to think that they grew perfectly happily RIGHT IN the wood chips.

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