Friday, August 8, 2014

Kitchen Progress

      This is the state of the kitchen yesterday morning.  The new granite counter top is in, having replaced the wood edged blue formica counter we put in 23 years ago.  Got our use out of that one.  The 23 year old stove was still working, though got tossed so a new one would have proper measurements with the new granite. The old wood cabinets remain, though look nicer with the new counter.

Slightly different angle and lighting
Let the back splash work begin

      My wife is out of town helping my daughter with her family move to Daytona Beach.  What strange timing.  So this post is as new to her as to anyone else following the progress.  The tile guys were certainly very concerned about protecting the new granite counter.

One wall covered, one waiting
Back splash above the stove, after grouting
Back splash under cabinets, pre grouting

      This shot was taken last night as I was preparing my bachelor dinner, a wonderful Stouffer's lasagna.  Even with phone interruptions, I did a terrific job with the cooking.  The splash on the right is grouted, the splash on the left is waiting for the tile guys this morning.  It's looking great!

      This is the view outside when I have my back to the microwave.  The messy table is not my fault, it is all stuff that had to be removed from the counter.  Our dog Abby has had a wonderful time supervising all of the tile work.  The next shot is from the landing outside the door in this picture.

View from landing to back deck

      The tall yellow flowers are the African daisies.  There are several clumps available for give away in this unusually cool August.  Let me know before they go to the yard waste dump.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Marina di Chioggia

      This is my first year growing the Marina di Chioggia squash from Italy.  It is beautiful in its weirdness.  This one is supported by an inverted bucket, as I was afraid the 15 pound squash could burden the vine,