Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Lettuce starts update 1/5/2021

Mixed lettuce from seed 10/17/2020

      The lettuce starts shown above were started from seed on October 17 of 2020, with the intent to
move the small plants to a cold frame to winter over.  This pot was outside and survived a low of 26 
degrees on December 7 th.  By mid December this and a second pot were moved to our single pane enclosed porch.  
      Yesterday on 1/4/2021, I painstakingly moved tiny thick stemmed chinese mustard seedlings that had hair like roots from a wet paper towel start of maybe a week prior wetting.  Pak Choi seeds were also sprinkled over dirt yesterday.  Today I also started six Golden Treasure Pepper seeds on the damp paper towel method.  Pepper seeds take me forever to germinate, and are also slow growers, hence the very early attempted start.