Friday, March 21, 2014

Maybe Spring is Coming

      What a long, cold, often gray, and snowy winter.  Tomorrow is forecast to be 66 degrees, though there are rumors of more snow on Wednesday.  Still, I had to get my hands in the dirt today.

      I broke down last week and bought some bedding plants at Alexander's Garden Center in Newark.  The six packs were pricey at $3.49 each, but the plants looked very healthy and there was a good selection. Above are packs of mixed lettuce, arugula and pak choi.  Instant garden.

      This is the third year that I have had cold frames over the winter.  The first two winters I was able to pick salad greens all through the winter. The frames were jammed with veggies by March.  But this winter the temps at night got down to 3 degrees, and that led to a total wipe out.  Just that one clump of weeds survived, as did several spindly shoots of garlic.  Brutal.

      Ah, now doesn't that look better?  I think I will be able to pick some greens in a couple of weeks.  Not planted today but bought at Alexanders were a six pack of artichokes and a six pack of water cress.  Both fun plants that are not seen very often at garden centers.
      Let the new garden season begin.  Even the dirt under my fingernails feels good.