Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Quick Remembrance

      Yesterday we got about an inch of rain, and this morning it is still foggy and drizzly, and threatening to rain once again.  Couldn't ask for a better day to bring out the pictures of our late January visit to Disney World.  On our last day, I was off from our group, to visit Epcot Center on my own.  Late in the day I strolled over to the World Showcase, to watch the short film at the France Pavilion.

Don't try this at home!!
      I saw this act at Epcot over twenty years ago.  The guy must have incredible balance to have lasted that long.  I was scared to watch too long, so I moved into the cafe area.

A pretty spot by the wine shop

      Everywhere you look there are gorgeous displays of flowers, shrubs and trees.  These crepe myrtles lining this raised planter bed were beautifully pruned, so that they were stunning even without leaves.  I enjoyed the film and my short visit to France, and was glad that I was not the gardener responsible for keeping this bed in shape:

Serious pruning required
      I stopped on the promenade to glance across the lake,

Norway to the left, China to the right
The American Pavilion, and Japan to the right
      And turning left to leave, a beautiful oak tree on my way back to England:

       Then one last look back to France and the Eiffel Tower and it was time to leave.  It amazes me to think that Disney World is home to visitors making dreams every day.  Just think, I could leave this fog and drizzle and be there in time for the fireworks tonight.  Yep, dream on.

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  1. "Norway to the left, China to the right." I feel that way sometimes.