Thursday, March 1, 2012

Porch and Yard Update, 3/1/2012

    Mar  1st:    Day length:   11 hrs, 20 min   -   That's 38 minutes longer than 2/15
                      Sunrise:         6:34 AM
                      Sunset:          5:54 PM
                      High Temp:    59 degrees F      Low Temp:    34 degrees F

      March first!!  That is a date when we can certainly hope to be looking for the weather to improve.  Maybe some snow left, but it won't last long.  Onions and peas can soon be planted directly in the garden.  A new gardening season about to begin again.  So let's see what happened since the last update:

Wooden frame, 3/1/2012
       This frame has recovered nicely.  The suspected cos lettuce that I rescued last year is in various spots of the lower half of this photo.  The mizuna mustard is in the top left corner, and certainly is ripe for the picking.

Trex frame, 3/1/2012
      The Trex frame has some nice thick stemmed mustard ready to pick, as well as tatsoi.  The flat in the upper corner which contains some Walla Walla onions is doing well.

Starts doing well in fish tank cold frame, 3/1/2012

Red onions
      These red onions were rescued from the park compost pile last fall.  As they have turned soft or started to sprout, I have put them out in the garden.  In a couple of weeks, I will pull up the onions with multiple shoots, divide them, and replant them.  Onions have an incredible power to live and regenerate.

Flats on porch, 3/1/2012
      The plant rescue for the kale has come along nicely, as the plants have developed good root systems.  They need to be planted out in garden beds to free up more porch space.

More flats, 3/1/2012

Extra, extra, just picked for dinner.  Thick stemmed chinese mustard and Winter Marvel Bibb Lettuce

                      Bibb Lettuce so pretty it deserves a solo picture


  1. Wow, what a great set up you have! I really enjoyed seeing your pictures. I have started some seeds this year indoors as well! Best of luck with yours!
    The Ebullient Gardener

  2. Mindy, thanks for stopping by. It is fun to start plants from seed, but it is even more fun to start them from your own seed. I have also had good results with the paper towel germination (please check labels).