Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Plant Rescue 103 - Onions

      In one of my many information seeking trips on the internet, I came across a very interesting reference about regrowing onions using the bottom rooty part of the discarded onion.  Talk about recycling.  Well I just had to try that neat idea.  The biggest problem is to remember to save that bottom piece instead of throwing it into the compost bin.

Onion pieces planted,  2/26/2012

Onions regrowing,  3/7/2012
      So cut off the bottom piece of the onion that contains the ring of little nubby roots.  I sliced about 1/2 inch off the bottom.  Indent that piece into damp soil, not wet.  Leave the cut side above ground level to avoid rot.  Water as needed to keep moist.......Wow.  That was pretty easy.  And exciting.  One of the cuts is even going to make two new onion plants.  I will separate that to two plants.  Talk about a perpetual growing machine!  I am going to put them outside soon, as onions can certainly take this weather.


  1. awesome! I'm trying it too!

  2. It seems too good to be true. You get to eat the onion, then use the bottom to make one or more grow again. Like the quest to find the perpetual motion machine.

  3. You're right, the hard part is remembering to save the bottom from the compost bowl, and to sacrifice a little onion from the pan to get enough to plant.

  4. I have been cutting the rooting part pretty thin so as not to lose much edible onion. Probably takes longer to regrow. Also don't know if these will bulb or try to go to seed. Again, think of free green onions out of waste as being a pretty good result at a minimum.