Saturday, March 3, 2012

Plant Rescue 104 - Beets

      Last year on December 31st, I wrote a blog that included an experiment to see if I could rescue some old beet plants discarded at the park:

Here is a shot of the beet plugs that I planted in cell packs on that last day of the year:

Beet plugs,  12/31/2011
      All of the plugs are still green as of now, and some I have already planted in the ground.  This batch is about to go into the ground to free up some porch space:

Beet cell pack,  3/3/2012
Roots coming out of the pack,  3/3/2012

      Yes indeedee, the beet plug has developed nice roots.  It is ready to go into the garden.  I guess I will put them into a cold frame, though I suspect they would be fine now unprotected.  The question is whether these plugs will develop into beets, or just go to seed thinking it is their second year of growth.  That would still produce edible beet tops much earlier than I could get from a new seeding.

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  1. I am excited to see if they do develop. I know I have tried to move some of mine before and they didn't do will.