Monday, March 12, 2012

Plant Rescue 102A - Malabar Spinach Update

Malabar Spinach,  3/12/2012
      Early in January, I posted a blog about some malabar spinach cuttings:

Two out of three of the plants from the compost pile rescue rotted at the roots.  Before those plants were completely dead, I had taken cuttings to try to save at least some malabar for planting this year.  Here is a shot of the one lone survivor from the compost pile:

Malabar spinach,  3/12/2012
      This plant never dropped the little flowers it had from last fall, instead they developed into these little seed clumps.  I should pick off these clumps and dry them.  Maybe I have viable seed in addition to the actual vine!

The cuttings shown in the first picture have been growing in this little plastic container.  It works great inverted, as the bottom lets in much more light than the top.  I should wean the cuttings away from such high humidity, as they have obviously rooted.  Here are some other cuttings from 12/6/11 that I have not even potted up yet. So barring some disaster with these young plants, I will have malabar spinach thriving in those hot, humid yucky days of the middle summer.  Who knows, I may even trim up the plant with berries to make some more root cuttings.  At least I would not have to baby them over the winter.

Cuttings still to pot,  3/12/2012

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