Friday, March 16, 2012

Porch and Yard Update - 3/15/2012

Mar  15th:    Day length:   11 hrs, 56 min   -   That's 36 minutes longer than 3/1
                      Sunrise:         7:13 AM
                      Sunset:          7:09 PM
                      High Temp:    61 degrees F      Low Temp:    47 degrees F

Wooden cold frame,  3/15/2012
       The plants in the wooden cold frame have filled in nicely.  The yellow flowers are the mizuna mustard in bloom, a favorite early blossom for bees.  The rescued romaine lettuce is at the bottom of the picture.

Onions,  3/15/2012
      This patch of overwintered onions is right next to the wood cold frame.  All of these onions need to be pulled and cleaned to individual stems for replanting.

Seedlings in the busted aquarium,  3/15/2012
Trex cold frame,  3/15/2012
      The thick stem chinese mustard in the back certainly needs harvesting.  That bibb lettuce over at the right also looks yummy.  The flat in the upper right corner has some chinese cabbage and Walla Walla onion seedlings.  Both of those could be planted now.  Hint, hint.

      Gasp!  There is actually some room on this shelf for more flats.  Many flats have been moved to outside cold frames.  But there are many more seeds started in the basement that will fill the open spaces.


  1. Oh how I love seeing things grow! Those snow drops (?) on your header picture are beautiful!

  2. George, That is an awesome idea with the fish tank, I would have never thought of that! Everything is looking great!