Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Late February Harvest

      Usually I try to write a paragraph first to open a post before using any pictures.  Well I was so pleased with my leek harvest that I just had to share it first thing.  And the little turnip.  The bag on the right is mixed salad greens, and the bag on the left is tatsoi with immature flower stalks.  Talk about delicious.

       You can see a dark hole in the photo above, that is where I just picked the leek.  Fortunately this year there are more than just the one.  The red russian kale at the bottom of the photo is bouncing back nicely after overwintering unprotected.  All the short stuff is chick weed.  As it is edible, I left it alone to grow.  Now it looks like a good source of green stuff for the compost pile.

New leeks at top in plastic packs
      Pretty uplifting pickings for February.  Garden on. Or maybe soon to begin.  There is green at the end of the tunnel.

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