Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What is He Thinking?

Bellevue Cold Frames,  3/26/2012
      You might think that these cold frames plus the two in the backyard would be enough to keep me busy and satisfied.  And yet,

More glass, 3/26/2012
      I just couldn't resist.  A neighbor three doors down is having new windows installed.  How could I let these go to waste?  I drove around with these framed storm windows in my truck for over a week before I finally decided that the exterior frames were not needed.  Luckily for me, the window man was still around, so those empty frames went back on his truck.  This pile is just from the family room, there were a bunch we had already removed from the upstairs.  If you twisted my arm really hard, you could probably sweet talk your way to some free glass.
      The thing that excites me is that for every two pieces of glass, there is one matching screen section.  I am hoping that I can have some cold frames still covered in the summer with a combo of glass and screen that would keep out cabbage moths and harlequin beetles.


  1. I think you need an intervention ;). In all seriousness, I admire your cold framing gusto and wish I were closer to take you up on your sharing offer.

  2. George, you can seen some my way, if you think you have to many, lol! Hay you can never have to much garden space, can you?