Sunday, March 4, 2012

Green Onions and Mustard

      Today is Grand Son Wesley's sixth Birthday.  Hard to believe he is that big (old).  Sure glad my big birthday is still more than a week away.  Veggies and dip are on the menu today, surprise, so I made a trip over to the park this morning to harvest.  My hands are still sluggish from the cold.  Not like picking tomatoes in the summertime in a full sweat.  But still highly rewarding.
      This scallion or green onion clump on the left resulted from an onion that was overlooked and not harvested from the garden last year.  Over the winter it split into five stalks.  They probably could have been split and put back into the ground, but fresh scallions right now are a great spring tonic.


    These two clumps of onions to the right are Egyptian Walking Onions.  They will probably pack a pretty good zing.  These were single stalk transplants in the fall that were intended to be left to form the new onion bulblets this summer.  There are enough left to cover that need, so these will make nice scallions.  I planted a lot of both big bulbs and tiny bulbs last fall, so I am sure I will have quite a crop.  These onions never develop a large bulb, so eating them as scallions is their proper destiny.

      The shot above is the total harvest from this morning.  The scallions are at the top, and thick stem chinese mustard is on the right.  On the left either in bloom or bearing little flowerlets are various snippings from tatsoi, chinese cabbage and volunteer cole crop plants.  The tatsoi and chinese mustard were under glass, but in other spots in the garden they have survived unprotected this winter.  I am starting to get ideas about having a very much bigger winter garden next year.  Will pretty much guarantee a cold and hard winter.


  1. Zone envy!! Enjoy your harvest. :)

  2. Looks like you have the makings of some good green soup too.

  3. Billie Jo, ten feet north of me would be ten feet too cold for my gardening enjoyment. I don't see how you can do it. Clint, you ever been to a birthday party with more than 15 kids between 4 and 8 years old? I am sure HE had a good time. Carla, great idea. I have some kale to pick. With white beans, makes a deliciously hearty soup. Better head out to pick.