Friday, March 2, 2012

Park Garden Update, 3/1/2012

Arugula overwintered without protection,  3/1/2012
      With it being the first of March, I have a feeling that the worst of winter has to be behind us.  We should have seen the coldest temperatures of the season already.  So hopefully anything that has overwintered so far will make it.  The arugula in the photo above has done well, and it is putting up seed heads.  I want to harvest those seeds, as this plant is obviously quite hardy, and also has a powerfully good taste as well.

Cold frame arugula,  3/1/2012
Garlic and collards,  3/1/2012
Cardoon and baby garlic sprouts in cold frame,  3/1/2012
Overwintered celery and garlic
      These garlic plants are from small cloves that I planted two years ago.  I lost track of them last year, and did not pull the plants when I could see them in June.  They either died back or were just ignored, but now they are doing quite well.  The plants are in clumps of six to eight stalks, where the smaller bulbs from the year before had divided.  So now I have to dig up the clumps and separate them, then replant individual plants on 5 to 6 inch centers.  If I leave them crowded, I will get a bunch of small cloves.

Compost pile volunteers,  3/1/2012
Unprotected Tango lettuce,  3/1/2012
Various cold frame greens,  3/1/2012
Spinach starts under glass,  3/1/2012

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  1. It all looks so good! I have started to see my leaf lettuces start popping up!