Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Garlic, Divide and Plant Again

Garlic clumps,  3/6/2012
      The garlic clumps are one and one half years old, having been planted as bulblets collected from my hardneck garlic in the fall of 2010.  They grew in place last year, then died back in late summer without being dug up.  This winter/spring, they are growing out as six to eight stalk clumps from where last year's bulb had grown to multiple cloves.

Bed with celery and many garlic clumps, 3/6/2012
      Digging up a clump and cutting away the dirt results in a pretty clump of green garlic stems, garlic that has not yet formed bulbs.

Garlic clump with seven stems,  3/6/2012

All cleaned up, looking a lot like leeks

      I replanted the garlic stems next to the remaining collard greens.   The holes were about 3 inches deep, and the plants are about 5 inches apart from each other.  I did not know whether to cut back the tops like transplanting leeks, as info about garlic replanting is slim to none.  Please feel free to jump in here with comments or suggestions.  I can't find anything.

Two new rows of garlic,  3/6/2012
      There are a lot more garlic clumps left to experiment with, as my two rows of garlic only took three clumps of garlic stems.  There are lots more where these came from:

Remaining clumps,  3/6/2012
      These are my remaining "insurance" clumps that I can use after I receive all of your good advice and suggestions.  Can't even tell where the three clumps had been.  Maybe I will try a couple of the stems as green garlic.


  1. My neighbor has left the same clump of garlic in the ground for years and used from it. Its Elephant garlic, he seems o do alright with it. Even though I plant in goo rich soil mine never gets much larger then about an inch across, any suggestions?

  2. Elephant garlic is not true garlic, it is more closely related to leeks. Different animal. What kind of soil is your goo stuff :-) When do you plant, and harvest? How closely do you plant cloves?

  3. I know this is from almost 5 years ago, but definitely do not cut back garlic leaves when transplanting. It would cause much smaller bulbs at harvest time as the plant would have to grow devote energy to grow new leaves before being able to devote energy to growing a nice big bulb. Cheers!