Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Park Garden Update, 2/15/2012

 Feb 15th:    Day length:   10 hrs, 42 min   -   That's 31 minutes longer than 2/1
                Sunrise:         6:55 AM
                Sunset:          5:37 PM
                High Temp:    49 degrees F      Low Temp:    28 degrees F
      I was driving into the park today just to have a quick visit to the garden.  Then I thought, yesterday was Valentine's Day, February 14th.  Wow, that would make today the 15th, a day to update photos.  Luckily I had the camera in my pocket and did not have to go back home to get it.

      This particular cold frame is still looking pretty good.  The little packs at the bottom are leek starts from my recent paper towel germination experiment.  The starts should harden off nicely in the cold frame.

      This is the frame used for the blog winter header picture that shows at the top of the page.  The little plastic container also contains leek starts.  It probably gets too much moisture with the lid closed.  Good experiment.

Arugula,  2/15/2012

      This is a shot of the cold frame that contains the 500 bulblets of garlic.  They are starting to sprout, but I am a little disappointed because my expectations were huge.  Thought there would have been more growth in a cold frame.

Unprotected collards and garlic,  2/15/2012
Various unprotected greens,  2/15/2012
Volunteer overwintered greens,  2/15/2012
Closed for the night,  2/15/2012

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