Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Bee Busy

      The first of February was particularly nice, with a reported high of 67 degrees!  Where is winter?  But anyway, a lovely day to do some gardening.  With that temperature, I had to open the cold frames lest it get too hot and cook my greens before their time.  Within minutes of pulling off a glass pane, I was visited by a few industrious bees.

Bee poking its head around a blossom
      A great day to be out in early February.  If the bees could be out being productive, so could I.  These flowers were probably loaded with easy pollen, as the frames are not open often in the winter months.  But I wonder what they think when I close the frames and they can't get at the flowers.  In any event, I like to have something blooming to help them out over the winter.  These yellow flowers are on pak choi that is about to set seed.

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  1. I have stopped by off of another blog and just reading the first two articles of yours, I have learned a lot! I just started a blog of my own to share my Urban Garden experience!