Friday, February 10, 2012

Paper Towel Germination Problem

      When I was reading about paper towel germination on the internet, nobody mentioned the problem that it might be too successful.  That when you wet about 100 of those little lettuce seeds, because there were so many in the packet, you just might get 99 little lettuce plants.  And every seed of cayenne pepper started from one of my dried peppers provided maybe 30 little starts.  That's a lotta hot.  In some cases, as I have been transplanting, I have also been snacking on the sprouts to cut down the work load.
      Then you have the problem of trying to grow these little seedlings.  That takes time and space.  I was hoping to cut back on my porch nursery this year.  Ha, who was I kidding!  Here is where I am at the moment with the porch.  And there is still so, so much stuff that I want to plant, that I have to plant.  What is an out of control gardening geek to do?

On the table, 2/10/2012
And on the shelf, 2/10/2012
I even resorted to planting things two per cell
Bright lights swiss chard in lower left corner
      One way to solve this problem is to build more cold frames :-)     Hmm, might work.

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  1. Looks to me like the only problem you are gonna have is not enough garden space. It sure is great to find another male blogger, There doesn't seem to be many of us! Hop over to mine sometime, Happy gardening!