Saturday, February 18, 2012

Hardy Greens

      It certainly has been a mild winter so far.  Our low temperature locally has been 13 degrees, with a couple of 15 degree mornings also thrown in.  And those cold temperatures did not come in a long stretch, rather as interspersed single day cold snaps.  Here we are more than half way through February, so hopefully the coldest lows are behind us.  Many different cold hardy greens have not only survived, but are harvestable.

Mild mustard, 2/18/2012
      This mustard plant is growing right at the base of the compost pile.  Not only does it get a little wind break, it gets some good nutrients from the compost.

Similar mustard, completely unprotected,  2/18/2012

      These three plants are all volunteers.  The one on the left is another mustard, the one on the right looks like bak choi, and the one at the top is probably senposai, which is a hybrid of cabbage and Komatsuna.  Just don't ask me what Komatsuna is.

Also senposai?
      I harvested leaves from the mustard, the bak choi, and the senposai.  My thought is to shred all three and add some carrot shavings and onions to make a winter cole slaw.  Wish me luck.

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