Sunday, February 19, 2012

Tatsoi Salad

      I have often looked at various greens and thought they would make a nice salad when spruced up with some cherry or grape tomatoes.  Tatsoi and tomatoes or even just chickweed and tomatoes.  Well the original bed of tatsoi in one of the frames at the park was forming seed heads, so I figured it was now or never.

Tatsoi,  2/19/2012
      The tatsoi is just about to burst out into full bloom.  You can see a couple of yellow flowers just getting started.  I cut off the emerging seed stalks that I could find.  This bed is going to seed early because it was too crowded and the plants must feel stressed.  The plants that I transplanted to a cold frame with more room in the back yard garden have retained most of their rosette growth habit:

Tatsoi with more room to spread
Just about to flower,  2/19/2012
      So I will go add some cherry tomatoes to my little stash of tatsoi stalks.  And some Greek Salad Dressing on top.

Simply scrumptious!
      It was wonderful.  And fresh.  Right from my winter garden an hour before.


  1. George, You really motivate the rest of us.

  2. I truly cannot wait until I can grow enough vegetables of my own to make a complete salad. That will be my measure of success!