Friday, February 24, 2012

Something New Growing at the Park

      This will be the start of my fourth year of gardening at the park gardens.  It was in my second year that I started to make some basic lean to cold frames.  Bob King has had plots at the park since the gardens were started thirty years ago.  This will be his first year to do this:

      He borrowed a couple of pieces of glass from me, and I saw this new addition to one of his plots today.  The seed packets at the top left corner indicate that he has started this frame as a way to get early seed germination.  And another garden in the opposite direction:

      Eileen had this raised bed in a different spot in her garden, surrounding her asparagus bed.  I suggested that the asparagus really didn't care if it was in a raised bed or not, and that she could have a very quick cold frame by moving the box and adding a top.  Voila, another cold frame gardener.
      So this spring new cold frames will be sprouting in gardens at the park.  Move over Johnnie Appleseed, here comes Georgie Cold Frame.  It was Charles Caleb Colton who said:  "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery".  And right he is.

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