Thursday, December 1, 2011

December First is Here!

      Wow, where does the time go.  Can't believe we are into December already.  It hit me today that I ought to photo document my gardens on the 1st and 15th of every month so that I can check on the progress, and in the future can compare the gardens in different years.  So here goes, the gardens as of December first.

Back yard wooden cold frame, 12/1/11  

Back yard Trex cold frame, 12/1/11

      Next, over to the park.  The next four photos are general shots of the garden and cold frames.  There are nine beds in the park garden, ranging about two through four feet wide.  Bed number 9 is northern most, bed number 1 is southern most.  The beds don't face due south, but close enough that I didn't bother to change their orientation.  In the picture below, the shorter cold frame at the top is in bed 7, and the longer cold frame in bed 6.

Different angle of the opened cold frames

Photo including beds 5 thru 9, 12/1/11

Left side cold frame, bed #7, 12/1/11

Right side, cold frame bed #7, 12/1/11

Arugula, bed #6 cold frame, 12/1/11

Lettuces, left of arugula, bed #6

Middle bed #6, 12/1/11

Left end, bed # 6, 12/1/11

Bed #5, Tat Soi on right, arugula on left, 12/1/11

Garlic, lettuce, and volunteer cole crops in middle of bed #5

Celery explosion, left end of bed #5, 12/1/11

Right end of bed #8 and bed #9, above

Leeks and two kales and broccoli, left end bed #8

Smaller broccoli florets still to be cut, 12/1/11

Bed #2, garlic just sprouting. arugula, and Egyptian walking onions

      Phew, for the first of December, a lot still going on.  I am surprised that a lot of things are still growing, not just hibernating.  I was under the impression that growth stopped about the middle of November.  Shows the need for some photo documentation.

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