Thursday, December 22, 2011

Stocking Night

      With the addition of grand children to our family eight years ago, we have given up hosting Christmas Day celebrations at our house and instead go where the kids are.  And yet, Cindy still decorates the house and outside, and we still go cut a tree every year.  So rather than than going to all the effort that doesn't get seen, I proposed a new idea last year of having Stocking Night at Gramma's and Pop Pop's house so everyone could see the decorations.  Lo and behold, everyone liked the idea!
      And I get to go wild at the dollar store.  I just spent $32 there, got lots of neat little things for the kiddies, and had a fun time to boot.  This morning we stuffed all the stockings, and tonight we will have Gramma's great and beloved beef stew, another growing family tradition.  So if you can't host the big Christmas event, I highly recommend Stocking Night shortly before Christmas.

Christmas is near, 12/22/11
      Oh, and I have already wrapped all of these gifts under the tree.  Maybe Christmas Eve won't be so hectic this year.

Stockings all set

Happy Holidays to All
      When I saw the flash go off, I knew it would reflect off the painting, so I took the shot from the side that is the second photo.  Yet when I saw the above shot, I immediately liked the Christmas Star.  So let it Shine.

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