Thursday, December 15, 2011

Back Yard Cold Frames, December 15th Update

      I wanted to start taking pictures of the various vegetable beds every 15 days to monitor their progress.  Here it is December 15th already, and time for the first update.

Back yard Trex frame, 12/15/11
Back yard Trex frame, 12/1/11
      Wow, not much difference!  It actually is tough to tell the two shots apart if it were not for the pak choi in flower in the top right corner of the 12/15/11 shot.  The thick stem chinese mustard at the top of the frame is also a little bigger now.  So the theory that day length of less than ten hours produces little growth may well be true.  Plants look great, but really are not growing all that much.  What gets picked now, probably will not bounce back quickly till after day length starts picking back up after February 15th or so.

Back yard box frame, 12/15/11

Back Yard box frame, 12/1/11

      The box frame actually looks better in the 12/1 shot than it does now.  The black seeded Simpson lettuce is getting a little old and tired, and some plants have had their tops harvested by me.  Without any quick regrowth, it looks a little weary.  I will probably pull out some of the older plants and replace them with the "New Supply" discussed in the earlier post.
      So for now we are in kind of a holding pattern, but with lots of nice greens to be harvested.

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