Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Little More Cold Frame Progress

Morning at the park, 11/30/11
      This morning started out bright and clear, with a predicted high of 50 degrees.  A day that would be fine for finishing the cold frame at the top.  The left end was still open, something that needs to be fixed before the sub 25 degree weather in ten days.  So I looked, and measured, and pondered about how to close off the end, which was uneven lengths.  And had the 6 x 6 beams at the bottom to work around.  Back to the house to saw.

All boxed in, 11/30/11

      With some persuasion from the maul and lots of 3 inch screws, I had the left end in place.  Now I could lay out my glass panels accurately, and decided to switch out a 31 inch panel for one that was more narrow.  That gave me enough room to add two 2 x 3 boards to the top.  That will give me some support to lean on, or more importantly to grab should I trip or lose my balance around all that glass.

      I put some more wood chips in the rows along the cold frames.  Spruces it up a bit, and will give some insulation value at the bottom of the frames.

More planting, 11/30/11

      I planted the thick stemmed chinese mustard near the back, as it will want to get taller.  The roots had filled out nicely in the cell packs after transplanting them from another spot in the garden.

      All closed up for the night.  Yep, the window in the middle needs repair work.  As do some others.  What can I expect for free?  Probably why these old windows became available.

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