Wednesday, December 28, 2011

No Wasted Space

      It's cold, 43 degrees.  It's windy, gusting to 15 mph.  And it's wet and muddy.  My hands are cold, wet, and muddy.  All to be expected when trying to garden in late December in Delaware.  Why bother you wonder?
      Because there is an empty space in a cold frame and it is supposed to drop to 23 degrees tonight.  Not quite comfy temps for lettuce out in the open.

Hark, a no no.  Open space!  12/28/11
Free range lettuce, 12/28/11

Filled cold frame, 12/28/11
      Problem solved.  While the green frilly Tango Lettuce could take tonight's cold temperatures, I was not sure about the red lettuce.  So those plants are now tucked in safely.  Knock on wood, the voles don't seem to cater to this frame.  Maybe after they wipe out everything else, they will move over.  We'll see.

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