Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Cloning Update

      I discovered a couple of things this morning.  One, the reason that my close up pictures are blurred is not because of the flash, but because there is a setting on the little camera to take pictures of a subject that is closer than 28 inches.  Duh.  Unfortunately the next two shots were taken before that momentous discovery.

Savoy cabbage, 12/4/11
Savoy cabbage, 12/7/11

      Look how that little guy has grown!  That poor abused plant is going to be a survivor.  Luckily I had planted the stalk in a plastic container, and upon close inspection, I could see leaves against the container below the soil level.  So I dug up the stalk to replant it more vertically.  And discovered six more little cabbages starting to grow!

Savoy cabbage, 12/7/11

      All the little leaves on the bottom half of the picture were under the dirt.  Now they will have a chance at some light.  When they get a little bit bigger, I will cut them off the stalk to try to root them individually.
      I have found very little information about rooting radish parts on the web.

Radish to prep, 12/6/11

Radish cut for rooting, 12/6/11

      What I did find says that the portion on the left will not reroot and grow a new radish.  I am planting some of those pieces anyway, as those pieces look like prime candidates to me.  The piece on the right with the root is supposed to regrow!  Funny,as that is the piece I would have thrown away.  The piece in the middle I washed and ate.  Yum.

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