Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Salads

      *** Happy Holidays ***

      Here it is Christmas Eve!  Getting ready for the good eating tomorrow.  Emily is in charge of making a salad for Christmas and the day after.  She asked good old Pop Pop to be in charge of the basic salad greens.  Gasp, I actually picked them yesterday as, one, they will still be plenty fresh tomorrow, and two, yesterday had a forecast high of 50 degrees rather than today's forecast of only 40 degrees.  Yesterday easily won out.  Even though we will not have snow for Christmas, we will still have snowflakes, as I cut some yesterday.

Tatsoi, also called Tah Tsoi
      Tatsoi makes such pretty little rosettes.  It grows close to the ground when crowded, and makes these great green snowflakes.  If grown on 6 inch centers, it will get a little taller and less dense.  I like it crowded.  These were grown unprotected, and may be just as ready to be picked a month from now.  The next picture shows them before trimming.  As you can see, very little needs to be thrown away.

Tatsoi, cut 12/23/11
Various lettuce types, picked 12/23/11
      Em, here are the lettuce pickings for the salads.  I can pick some more if we need them for the second get together on the 26th.  Below are the thick stem Chinese mustard and arugula if you want to spice things up a bit.  If not, we can put the arugula on the veggie plate.  Barb will make it magically disappear.
      Happy Holidays!

Thick stem chinese mustard, tatsoi, and arugula

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