Sunday, November 6, 2011

Replanting Garlic

Garlic plants, 11/6/11
    Last year in the fall I planted some small cloves of garlic in several of the beds at the park.  They came up in the spring, but then died back in the summer heat and disappeared before I was able to pick the heads.  Lost to my radar.  But then in the fall, they have come back up.  But crowded because the single cloves planted split into multi plants of between two to eight independent garlic stems.

Garlic to divide, 11/6/11

Individual plants

      The real reason for starting this chore is that the garlic clumps are in the new cold frame I just finished.  The garlic is quite hardy and does not need the protection of the cold frame.  I want their space, so they got dug up.  Otherwise I might have ignored the need to separate the stems, as I have so far ignored the need to plant the cloves I have on hand.

Replanted, 11/6/11

      The individual stems were replanted in a different bed that has been improved with some of the mushroom soil mentioned in a previous post.  They were planted on six inch centers.  May they grow and prosper.

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  1. Hi George - LOVE the top photo of your veggies - it's like a colourful edible quilt!

    I'm so glad you wrote about garlic - I too have lost my radar with garlic.. I think everyone does sometimes.. but, as you have shown, it's pretty easy to divide the overgrown clumps and start fresh.. thanks for sharing this!!