Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween Resurrection

      Ghosts and goblins were not the only things to find a new life on Halloween.  Many of my charges who looked so poorly after the Mischief Night frost made miraculous recoveries.  Some such as the nasturtium, did not rise again.

Nasturtium, there is always next year

      But on to some of the snap backs, the little planter of lettuce looks much better,

      And the Tango lettuce has recovered to fight another day.  It certainly looked bad just yesterday morning.

      The cardoon pictured below also bounced back.  Still presenting me the problem of what to do with it.  I did bring a stem home yesterday to try to figure some way to cook it.  Still figuring.

      The bed of greens next to the cardoon look fine.  They should not have looked so bad after the frost.  Maybe they will acclimate to the weather as we have more frequent frosts.

      The beds that I had protected with glass look great.  There are spots where leaves are burned that touched the glass and froze.  I am working now to make the cold frames taller and sturdier.  It is turning out to be a project.

      And lastly, remember the chinese cabbage?  The one I look at longingly every day?  Well, I am still looking at it longingly, as it still looks marvelous.  Will be simply scrumptious.  Unless the deer.....

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