Tuesday, November 22, 2011

No Walk in the Park

      Today has been down right miserable, rainy and dreary all day.  I can usually find a break to get outside and play in the dirt, but not today.  Makes me happy that I got out yesterday, even though it too was overcast and called for rain.  I worked on improving one of the cold frames that had basically been a leaner last year.

Cold frame for rebuild, 11/21/11

      This frame was made of 6 by 6 timbers laid in the ground front and back.  The back timber then had an additional 2 x 6 to elevate the glass panels.  The ends were just boards leaned loosely against the glass.  The improved frame will have an additional layer of 2 x 4's front and back, as well as fixed ends.

Volunteer dill, 11/21/11

      This volunteer dill was getting quite smashed whenever I had to put the glass on.  I think I will pot up the dill, and keep it on the porch.  Anybody want a dill plant?
      The following pictures are just for record keeping.

Lettuces, 11/21/11

Bellevue garden. 11/21/11
      The frame at the bottom is the one I was working on last week.  It still needs the left end piece built before cold weather sets in.  The upper frame is the current project.  When finished, a lot of the stuff in the upper bed can be transplanted to the completed frame.  A heck of a lot of activity still going on in the Thanksgiving week.

Tango lettuce and others for transplanting, 11/21/11

Oft mentioned Chinese Cabbage, 11/21/11

      I have been planning to cut the chinese cabbage for Thanksgiving, even if it doesn't get on the menu.  Well, Cindy is planning on having veggies and dip for Thursday.  Those inner leaves should be pretty darn scrumptious with a little dip.  So, I am hoping it is not on the deer's menu for Thanksgiving Eve.

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  1. Wow. My stuff in the greenhouse hasn't died, but it isn't growing either. Just stalled until spring. Thanks for the inspiration.