Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Walk in the Park

      I was itching to get out the door and over to the park garden, but delayed my visit after seeing the frost on the back yard leaf pile and cold frames.  Used some time to tidy up my seed packets.  Still more time needed to finish that project, but it was then 9AM and safe to go to the park.  Well, the little frost was actually a pretty hard freeze, so doing more work on the cold frames with bare hands wasn't so appealing.

Frost on the Chinese Cabbage, 11/19/11

Frost on the Tango Lettuce, 11/19/11

      Since it wouldn't be much fun working in this frosty patch, I decided to get some exercise and take a walk instead of gardening.  So although it was chilly, the sun was shining and the sky oh so blue.

So a walk it was

The blue sky I mentioned

Reflections off the pond

The geese perfectly happy with the chill

Finishing the walk

      Then back to the garden.  What a difference an hour makes.  The frost was gone, yet so was my desire to work in the dirt.  But an enjoyable morning nonetheless.

Frost was gone, 11/19/11
And the Chinese Cabbage was happy

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  1. George, I LOVE your cold frames.. such a nice system you have. Those autumn photos are also lovely.. thanks for sharing! Niki