Saturday, April 9, 2011

Work to Do

      During the winter, we hope for spring, for warmer days in the garden.  Then our wish comes true and it is time to garden.  But back in the winter, maybe our enthusiasm for planting got out of hand.  Maybe we planted a wee little bit more than we ever could hope to chew.  A good problem to have.  So on Monday and Tuesday with better weather forecast, you most likely will find me out in one garden or the other trying to plant my over abundance of veggie starts.
On deck supply, 4-6-11  

      Here are eight flats of starts that I moved out of the porch to the deck for things to get a little more sun and for the slight aphid population to move out.  The aphids seem to have a much tougher go at the plants outside than in the nice comfy porch.  The pot in the middle of the round table is the artichoke/cardoon? that overwintered on the porch.  The black pots around it are an ornamental called duranta.

Bellevue cold frame, 4-9-11

      These veggie starts have been in a cold frame in the park for maybe three weeks.  Some have a little leaf burn from too much heat when yours truly should have provided better ventilation on some of the mid fifties days.  But most things look pretty good, and are ready to go in the ground.  Only a six pack of cardoon and one of artichokes will be held back to a later date.
      So that is the cold weather stuff.  On the porch is a flat of peppers consisting of a six pack each of eight different varieties.  There are two flats of various tomato plants.  The beans, squash, cukes, egg plant and what ever else I have failed to mention are yet to be planted.  Just in case I had nothing to keep me busy.
      Garden on - George


  1. Oh my gosh, look at all that yummy goodness ready to go! I am loving and learning so much from your blog. I'm so excited for my first organic veg garden to go in soon....cheers Julia

  2. There's always room in my garden :)

  3. What a start! I always find I start way more than I need too and end up giving a lot away... its just so hard to look at the whole pack of seeds and just start 6! But at least its usually easy to find other gardeners who are willing to take veggies off your hands.