Friday, April 29, 2011

And for the Third Act

      My compost pile is the center of activity in my park garden.  Obviously all of the organic matter ends up there, so as I do weeding, the pulled weeds go there.  Softer parts of sunflower plants go there.  I have a cutting board which can go on top of the pile to use as a work area.  So a lot of my time is spent right in front of the pile.  So my reaction this morning was not totally one of joy.

Compost pile, 4/29/11

      I had noticed some suspicious activity the last couple of days in the upper right hand corner of my pile.  At first, I thought I had left a depression from my water bottle.  But I always put the bottles in the front of the pile.  A depression a few days ago, then a clay lined depression.  Followed by some straw and dried weeds as lining.  Then this morning, a new and defining addition

That pretty much solves the mystery, 4/29/11

George is the Newest Robin farmer, 4/29/11

      So if nothing else, we seem to be growing a bumper crop of robins over at the park this spring.  A bunch of very trusting robins as the photos from the last few days suggest.  My theory is that as more gardeners are adding leaves and mushroom soil to their gardens, the supply of worms is exploding.  So is the supply of nesting robins.  Probably with even more robins to follow.


  1. haha - they wanted to be as close to the worms as possible!

  2. DANG!!!! Another one!