Thursday, April 14, 2011

Greenhouse project update

Free for the knock down, 4/14/11

New to Craigslist today:

barn,was 32x30,,4x4 uprights/2x8's,all free/u tear down. (dagsboro)

I can't quite imagine this as a greenhouse/shed.  As antsy as I am to get started on my project, I think I will let this one slide.

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  1. Good idea, letting it go. We had a barn torn down by a man who did it for the lumber. Much of it was termite ridden when he really got into it. He was able to salvage enough inside boards to sell for enough to make it worth his while.

    We are replacing the polycarb panels on our 4 y.o. Harbor Freight greenhouse. The frame is intact. Two storms with high winds and hail took out most of the brittle aging panels. South GA sun is not kind to polycarb.