Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Best Seat in the Park

      One of my buddies at the park, Lou, has his garden nicely cleaned up and a beautiful crop of self seeded Black seeded Simpson Lettuce is coming up.  He has hilled up his beds and put straw down in the rows.  It really looks nice.  He even has a lawn chair set up in a spot he is not using so that he can sit and admire his garden.  Trouble is, somebody else has claimed his seat.  Just when you think that you rule the roost.

Thanks Lou, best seat in the park

      How brazen of the Mama robin to build her nest right in Lou's chair.  What is Lou to do?


  1. That must be a young mama Robin - There is nothing there to protect her babies from cats!
    I am enjoying your garden and looking forward to the green house you create!