Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Collards Revisited

Collards transplanted, 4/7/11

      On April 7, I made a previous post about transplanting some collards to my home garden that were dug up and discarded over at Bellevue Park.  The photo above is from that post, shortly after the dig in.

Collard back yard patch, 4/19/11

Second shot, 4/19/11

   I was quite pleased with the growth that these free gems put on in less than two weeks.  So pleased that I invited some of the collards to dinner last night.  They looked so inviting with the rain on their leaves that I just couldn't resist.  Plus they look so fresh and tender from all this miserable cold weather we have been having.

Collards in the rain, 4/19/11, a now common sight

      So a cut here, and a snip there, and I had a pile of collards for dinner.  Cindy sauteed them in olive oil with garlic and onions.  You can just feel the iron coursing in your veins.  Yummy.
      Side note: I just discovered yesterday sheerly by accident that I can click on pictures in blogs to magnify them.  Done twice, they fill the screen.  Try it on the above photo with the raindrops.  Technology.  I now try to remember to carry the little digital camera on my garden jaunts.

Quick haul, 4/19/11

      So the moral to the story is "Don't be so anxious to clean up".  Plant new plants between the old ones until you have gotten the free early spring harvests.  But don't too many of you take this advice and deny me my free supply of fast and easy pickins.  Out to the park to look for castaways - George


  1. They have perked up quite a bit. I'm still trying to get my collards to grow...I know they get way bigger than mine are!

  2. Thanks for sitting on my porch and the garlic advice. I'm glad you swung by because I see if I have any vegetable garden questions this is where I need to go. I'm excited about planting collard greens this year. Your blog was helpful. I will be wandering through your other articles.