Saturday, April 2, 2011

Making more

      When I start seeds, I usually try to put in four to five seeds per cell with small seeds like lettuce, and maybe only two seeds for peppers or tomatoes.  That way at least something comes up.  Often times I will plant the multiple seedlings as is, and let mother nature decide who will win.  After all, weeds certainly do not grow without fierce competition.

Rhodos Endive Frisee, 4/1/11 

       The Frisee shown above, planted on 2/11/11, have grown on nicely on the porch.  They could probably go outside now and be OK, but I thought I would multiply my blessings by separating them.  Most cells have multiple plants growing.  Also the Frisee makes such pretty heads, that individual plants are much more attractive in the garden.  So the plants were gently teased apart and then replanted. 

Frisee repotted, 4/1/11

      A fast and easy way to go from 12 Frisee cells to 36!  So Barb and Em, are you watching?  And wishing and hoping?

Fedco Ice Bred Arugula, 4/1/11

     The arugula also had multiple seedlings.  These separated out to a final 33 cells from 12, again a nice increase.  The repotted seedlings therefore have about three times as much soil to spread out in as they did before their expansion.  In a week, they can probably go outside.

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