Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring Fever Project

Scavenged treasure, 4/8/11

     I got an email from a friend last Thursday inviting me to have his old storm windows if I were crazy enough to want them.  Of course I was.  Friday morning I had a new stash of building material.  His wife was thrilled to see the windows leave the attic.  Needless to say, the wife here was not so thrilled to see them arrive.
     But who among us gardeners has not fantasized about having a greenhouse?  Maybe eight out of a million?  Maybe six?  The only things stopping me from me from having a greenhouse are money, deed restrictions, money, imagination, reckless abandon, room, and money.  The windows are the seed idea to get something started.  They also are a way to start collecting materials for a greenhouse on the cheap.  The deed restrictions are a tough one.  Don't think it would fly in the back yard.  Room.  Even if I could get it approved by the building committee, I am not sure I want a greenhouse in the back yard where it might create neighbor problems.
     So on Sunday I had to put on the saleman's cap when both daughters were visiting.  Hey girls, look at my new supply of windows.  Wouldn't they be neat in a greenhouse?  Silence.  Nothing.  Then, you go for it Dad.  No girls, I was thinking of a combined greenhouse/garden shed type of thing.  On one of your very spacious lots.  Then Pop Pop could visit the grand kiddies more often.  Still not much.  Here I thought one of them would be mad NOT to get a greenhouse, yet I couldn't get either interested.
      Barb called last night after dinner.  Yes, Rob thought it was a neat idea.  Whew.  Now I can transport the windows down to Barb's house to begin the scavenge process.  On Craigslist this morning: We have a few hundred sheets of used 1/2" & 3/4" plywood. Must bring your own truck and help. Take all or some. Must be gone this week.  What a start, what a good omen!
      And planning.  Even I think this greenhouse should be attractive rather than just functional.  I would love it if we could end up with something like this:

      It feels fun to start thinking about this project.  Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.  Unless you want to shoot down the thoughts about this crazy greenhouse folly.

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  1. I'm so glad I discovered your blog! (Happened through Blotanical.) It looks as if your garden is way ahead of mine, though.

    As for the greenhouse, it seems it was meant to be. Good luck with the project.

  2. I dream about greenhouses. Or having a house that has a big open wall that faces south where I can build on one of those glass rooms that would inevitably turn into nothing but a greenhouse.

  3. If I had any land, I'd be thrilled for you to build a greenhouse on it!
    That's the one bad thing about Manhattan....