Tuesday, October 30, 2012

So Long Sandy

      If you have been watching TV, you will agree she was a BIG ONE.  The folks along the Jersey shore certainly believe it.  We had attended a wonderful wedding on the beach at Long Beach Island in New Jersey last month in the middle of September.  The wind was high, and the clouds foreboding.  The same day there was a tornado near Washington and New York.  The weather held off where we were, and I enjoyed my first visit to Long Beach Island.  Seeing pictures of horrible devastation, I would not be surprised if the restaurant that housed the reception had major damage.
      We were directly in the path of Sandy here in Wilmington, yet luckily had very little damage other than the upcoming monster clean up of leaves and branches.  I just visited my park garden and there were leaves everywhere.  They have quite a clean up to do.  Luckily none of my glass for cold frames got broken.

After the storm, October 30th,  2012
Cosmos still standing!
Peppers still standing, and garlic just sprouting
      The home garden in the back yard did quite well, though there was one casualty.  The trellised cherry tomatoes got knocked over:

Cherry tomatoes before Sandy
After Sandy blew through
Snapped the supports
      All in all, extremely lucky.  Am I upset to have spent the time preparing the deck and garden for Sandy's arrival?  Not at all.  We just got lucky.  New Jersey and New York did not.

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  1. I'm glad you got lucky...we did too! We were also directly in her path. I can only imagine how those people in NJ and NY must feel!