Monday, October 22, 2012

It is Good to be Back

      While our trip to Tennessee was wonderful, it is also nice to be back.  One of my great joys of gardening is the anticipation of change.  What is blooming today?  What is ready to pick?  A few days away from the garden only increases the desire to see what has transpired in my absence.  A week away in the summer can result in tremendous changes, but a few days away in October still results in new growth.

My park garden,  October 22,  2012
Four Seasons Lettuce, Black Seeded Simpson, Arugula
Tendergreens and Kale
Malabar Spinach after the frost
Purple Top Turnips

      This volunteer cosmos sure waited a long time to strut its stuff.  The plant is six to seven feet tall, but just started to bloom maybe ten days ago.  Luckily, the one frost we had did not curb its desire to bloom.  Maybe next year there will be more volunteers.


  1. I love how beautiful your garden remains! Mine is just that--"remains" of a summer garden that once was!

  2. Beautiful! We are already in very cold season so not much growing, but hopefully with the hoophouse and cold frame it will help keeping greens just a tad longer.