Thursday, November 1, 2012

Gold Finches are Eating my Chard

      The first time I spotted several gold finches on my swiss chard, I assumed they were eating some insect.  Yet swiss chard is rather insect resistant.  And it looked like they were eating small pieces of the leaves.  Today was the third time I have seen finches on the chard.  When I arrived at the garden I scared off maybe half a dozen finches.  Yet several remained to tear at the chard.

Gold finch on my swiss chard, November 1st,  2012
Two finches right in the middle
      Now I love having gold finches in my yard.  I even encourage them with all of the different perennials I have that make a finch seed bonanza.  Luckily, when the chard is at its peak, the finches have plenty of other food.  Now I am happy that they have an alternate food source.  Eat your veggies little birdies.


  1. George, I was happy to see that Sandy did not devastate your garden and property like so many along the East coast. My goodness, you were lucky to only lose the tomato plants/stakes.

    I see your Goldfinches like your chard, as do ours. I also have two parakeets as pets and they love chard and kale. I pick some for them several times a week and they spend the day eating it.

    Your park garden looks so very nice and healthy.

  2. thanks for sharing.