Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I Never Thought I Would Miss Zucchini

      Zucchini comes in with a bang in the early summer, swamping us with its generosity.  Luckily for me, I can put the extras in the "free Veggie" box at the park where they disappear without a trace.  But often in the last few years the plants lifespan seemed to become shorter and shorter.  Squash borers would get them, or leaf mildew, or this year they were killed by the ground hog creating a tunnel under the roots.  So for a change, I would look for zucchini in the "veggie box" to bring home.  Never thought I would miss zucchini.
      This spring I started lots of different squash by seed, and had plants in cell packs that never made it to the garden.  Even past our vacation in early July.  I finally put those plants in the ground, and wondered if any might set fruit.  I had seen several very small squash on the plants, but yesterday I found this:

Fresh Zucchini,  September 20,  2012
Nice to have some summer crops still producing

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  1. Good luck with the zucchinis! We grow a lot of courgettes over here too - such a productive plant!