Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sandy, Sometime Soon

      The hype for Sandy started probably a week or so ago.  If this does that, and that does this, and that storm merges with this storm, then this could be the big ONE.  We have heard that kind of story many a time.  Well this time, apparently this did that, and that did this, and a big ONE looks like it is coming.  In fact, the red line next to the last Category One indicator passes right along the northern border of Delaware, or almost directly overhead my gardens.  The storm is moving so slowly and is so big, that once it gets started, it will be with us for a few days!
      Pictures before the storm:

      Hopefully the gardens will still look somewhat like this after the storm.


  1. George, we will keep you in our thoughts and pray that you will not get too much damage from the storm. Let's hope a wind from the West comes your way and blows it out to sea.

  2. I hope you're safe down's headed right over us too, just a "few miles" to the northwest of you. This one has me a bit worried!

  3. looks like you'll get the eye of the storm so it won't be as bad as the outskirts that will get lashed by wind and rain. hope your garden gets throug it.