Friday, October 12, 2012

Jalapeno Bonanza

      Back in January I started a lot of different peppers from seed as an experiment.  I am not the biggest pepper fan, but my wife likes them, so I thought I would try a bunch of different kinds.  We actually found out that we use an occasional cayenne pepper in our cooking, and they are so easy to dry.  As in they do it themselves if you pull the plant and hang it upside down.  When dry, pick them and store them in an open glass mason jar.
      But this post is about my jalapeno peppers that were quite successful, but woefully underutilized.  Look at this gorgeous plant.  I may have to pick it or pull it tonight if we get a frost warning.

Wow, what a potential haul,  October 12,  2012
      Now what to do.  I have given away far more jalapeno peppers than I have eaten, that being four or five tops that I have used.  Yet I go through many bottles of hot sauce with my V8 Juice, so, duh, I should try my own hot sauce.  Many recipes look complicated or call for canning, but I just want something simple.  I found this site:  and the recipe for the jalapeno pepper sauce looks so easy.  I think I will leave these peppers out back and go over to the park to pick my dozen peppers there.  Do you have a favorite recipe for sauce with jalapeno, cayenne or poblano peppers that you would like to share?  I am also hoping to find a simple Jalapeno Popper recipe.  How about a good chili recipe with cayenne or jalapeno peppers?  Hope you can help.

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  1. I used to make Jalapeno Pepper Jelly right out of the Ball Canning Book, but I'm sure you could find the recipe on It's worth the try cause that jelly on top of cream cheese on a saltine is a treat to behold. You will be canning Jalapeno Jelly the rest of your days, dear friend. I still have some on the shelf from a few years back that is fresh as the day I made it. Give it a try. I promise you will love it.