Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Nice Fall Harvest

      Monday afternoon's harvest included a great big Icicle radish:

      Earlier in the summer, I had hung radish stalks heavy with seed upside down over this bed.  They must have been from white Icicle radishes, because I now have several growing.  This was the largest one, so I figured it needed to be pulled.

Huge Icicle radish, October 22nd,  2012
      A radish is a great addition to a salad, so I picked some of his friends to add to the harvest:

      A very nice haul.  The big radish, some Egyptian walking onions, a wonderful late Dr. Wyche yellow tomato, a black krim tomato, black seeded Simpson lettuce, four seasons lettuce, tatsoi, arugula, purple onions, a bell pepper, golden treasure peppers, and banana peppers.  I am hankerin for salad again just thinking about it.