Thursday, January 19, 2012

With Just a Little Help

Still no snow,  1/19/12
      This picture shows the corner of a cold frame, and an unprotected bed just above it.  There is a patch of lettuce at the left of the above bed, and although the lettuce may be alive, it is not worth salivating over.

Surprisingly alive, but barely
      I am surprised that the unprotected lettuce has not turned to mush, as a month ago we had a low of 13 degrees, just had a recent 15 degrees, and last night was 18 degrees.  I may dig up the lettuce to repot to the porch for some recovery time before replanting to a cold frame.

Cold frame,  1/19/12
      But with just a single pane of glass on the cold frame, this lettuce looks delicious.  Pickable in fact.  In time for a trip to daughter Emily's fridge tomorrow.


  1. It's so cold by me right now a cold frame would crack! It's supposedly going to be around minus 30 tonight ~ brrr

  2. Mel, I simply can not comprehend that cold. Nor the ability of man, beast, or plant to survive it. We feel terribly sorry for ourselves here if it pushes under ten. I don't even want to think about your heating bill. Just what is your plant zone? May some warmth be with you. George

  3. George, I visit from my sister Mel's and I'm here for the duration of anything showing color other than the white of snow, ice and cold. It did get to minus 21.8F up north. We live 8 miles from one another and the wind chill was well below minus -30 when we got up this morning. Even we are amazed at the perennials that survive our bitter cold. We are zone 3....the cold side. Ha........your greens look so wonderful....what time did you say you'll be harvesting?
    Have a wonderful what I've been reading.

    1. Dar, Thanks for the visit. I stopped by your blog and saw the bob cats!! Amazing. I bet they are snuggled up in some den trying to keep warm in your bone chilling weather.